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Winery Website Pricing & Web Packages

Economy Package - $40.00 monthly Design starting at $225.00

Maintenance: Web promotion, site administration, monthly updates, e-mail forwarding and technical support.

Business Package - $50.00 monthly Design starting at $250.00

This package includes everything the economy package offers with these extras: Weekly updates to content, Javascript, customized forms, limited email boxes for managers/staff, e-mail administration, newsletter setup, Search Engine Optimization and admin plus some additional minor programming. 

Deluxe Package - $65.00 monthly Design starting at $300.00

This package includes the business package plus these extras: over 100 e-mail boxes for managers/staff, ASP pages, mailing list, usage tracking, additional programming (DB), Search Engine Optimization and shopping cart administration. 

Groups & Organizations

Groups and organizations have several users with diverse and unique needs, but this does not necessarily mean their website has to be expensive! Contact me for a custom quote, I will go over your goals and give you an honest, realistic vision of what the internet can do for you. 

Web Site Design 

We have many designs, color schemes, and personalized graphics to choose from. We realize that choosing a web design can be difficult, this why we offer personal support for all our customers. We are experienced design consultants and are always available to answer any questions or concerns to make your website a trouble-free work of art. 

Easy Navigation

Navigation is very important in any website design. A nice looking website is useless if your customers cannot easily browse your site. We insure that all pages are correctly linked and optimized for easy navigation.


Content depends on you, keeping your information fresh will keep current visitors coming back for more. Mailing lists will generate more contacts and information about your customers. Mailing lists also allow your customers to keep track of specials and events; it's a great way to increase your traffic and sales especially if you cannot process online sales. We will try and guide you in creating the content that will make your site come alive for visitors.


Promoting your website is serious business! Our websites are built for maximum exposure, using specific words in meta tags and HTML will allow search engines to easily category your website. Manually listing and promoting your site is vital, but not very effective if your site is not search engine optimized for promotion. Once your site is online we will help you link up with partners that will increase your traffic and your profits.

Watch your business grow 

Mailing lists, promotion, easy navigation and contact forms are just a few ways to increase traffic to your physical business site. Advertising costs are drastically decreased when users can print flyers, directions and price lists from their home. 

As soon as your website is officially online, you will start to gather contacts. The key to gathering large amount of contacts is via mailing lists. You will find people that had never heard of your business begging you to advertise to them! Depending on your promotion, your potential customers can increase from 0 to over 200 in just a couple of months. 

Using a smart web strategy coupled with an intelligent design and web presence, you can generate more interest and business than practically any other type of media advertising. Your website should be designed to expand with your business and allow for more services and options to be added when you need it.

Tracking software, traffic data, statistics and data flow is a good way to see how successful your website has become and is just one of many services you can use to watch your business grow. The possibilities of your website are almost as endless as the web users themselves, but finding someone to guide you through it is just an email away.

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